How It All Began

DJ Strizy hails from the top of the Appalachian Mountains in the southern part of West Virginia.  Having been born in the city of Columbus, Ohio he moved to where the air was clean and the wildlife howled and growled. He currently calls the North Central part of West Virginia his home and is based in the college towns of Fairmont and Morgantown.

The artistic styling of DJ Strizy has been formed by his unique and diverse love of modern music.

His love of music began at an early age listening to old school R & B, original Hip Hop, and 70’s & 80’s Rock. The “Newcleus” of his love formed from the classic sound of “Jam on It” at age four. Growing up in a close knit society that stuck to itself he longed for a way to outwardly express his individuality. He escaped the sound of the trains that carried coal in up and down the valleys by engulfing himself in the sounds that made his heart beat and his thoughts race. He had a dying need to bring this feeling to everyone he encountered.